Old Friends & New Beginnings


A love of the world and a failed honeymoon were the beginnings of Always Honeymoon Travel LLC.

What made our honeymoon a disaster? Being in the wrong location.  Had our travel agent listened to us, she would have known that we were coming off an extremely stressful year with an equally stressful year to follow.  Our travel agent focused on my degree and our shared foreign language. Hence a trip to Paris, instead of Martinique.

Knowing firsthand that a honeymoon disaster can be a lifelong unpleasant memory, I focus on giving our couples their wishes and bucket list items they never thought were possible.  

Our couples have been chauffeur-driven through Ireland, watched whales off the coast of Iceland, travelled the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia, married in Fiji, and blessed by the Pope.

My passport is so full that I’m counting the spaces left available so that I can visit seven countries in the next two months before renewing for a larger passport by year-end.  

How does that help you?  

One word or desired experience triggers destinations and, many times, resorts that will be a perfect fit for an unforgettable honeymoon. And while you are traveling, our free app allows instant communication using Wi-Fi to call, text or video chat with any concerns.

Do we only do honeymoons and destination weddings?

No. However, every trip should be as special as a honeymoon, hence the name Always Honeymoon. Follow this blog and experience my adventures with me. The world is an amazing place, let’s go explore!